Our Future Readers


A clairvoyant medium who is able to use energy from objects, people, and places and manifest the energy onto playing cards. Using energy around us, I can help to provide guidance & closure in your life. Not only to find one's path but to explore one's past.

Julius The Pathfinder

For every problem one’s have, one’s soul already has the solution to it. With the help of intuitive reading , your own soul will discover the process of one’s NEED & ACTION to be doing and also the reward one’s seek. The Law of Karma will take a great effect for every thought and action taken. How desireable are you to seek the solution to what one’s soul need?

Bella Ni Nyoman

Balinese Yogini, Soul Healer and Personal Empowerment Strategist

The Intuitive Reading

My passion is to empower you to achieve your full potential by rising your spiritual awareness, manifest your life path to CLARITY, Abundance, Balance in Harmony through my DIVINE SOUL READING & COACHING. Based on the predictive powers of the Tarot, I can tell you what you can expect in your current stage of life. I will help you to develop your self awareness so that you can consciously make choice and move on to next stage in your life. I combine this knowledge of Tarot through Numerology, and Divine Intuitive Vision, Vedic Spirituality and my Life Coaching Program. In this way, you can learn more about your characteristic and I can tell you even more precisely what you can do best in the situation that will cross your path.