Daily Special Lunch Menu

All is included with Rucolla & Tomato Salad

Chicken Satay<br>
Chicken Satay
Couscous Royal<br>
Couscous Royal
Babi Kecap<br>
Babi Kecap


Day Food Description Price
BBQ Balinese Pork Ribs Vegetable Coleslaw, Crusted Potato,
    Barbeque Sauce
IDR 85,000
Indonesian Dish
Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce, Cucumber Pickled, Jasmine Rice, Fresh Shallot IDR 65,000
Day Food Description Price
    Half Grilled Chicken French Fries, Sauted Vegetable, Natural Jus IDR 75,000
Indonesian Dish  Cumi Masak Hitam
Tomato & Cucumber Terancam, Squid Ink Sauce. IDR 70,000
Day Food Description Price
Thursday Seafood Agnolotti Tomato Concase, Basil Leaves,
    Parmeasan Cheese
IDR 60,000
Indonesian Dish
Ayam Rica Rica
White Rice, Basil, Tomato, Rica Rica Sauce IDR 55,000
Day Food Description Price
Royal Couscous
Lamb Meat, Lamb Sausage, Chicken,Vegetable Tagine
Harissa, Onion Raisin
IDR 90,000
Indonesian Dish
Babi Kecap Nasi Gurih, Papaya Leave Urap,Garlic Sweet Soy Suace. IDR 75,000
Day Food Description Price
Daily Fish Of the Day
Mediterranean Vegetable, Kalamata Olive, Capsicum Broth. IDR 75,000
Indonesian Dish
Beef Rendang Nasi Bakar, Casava Leave, Rendang sauce. IDR 80,000